No wicked person in police force to be tolerated: Minister

Published : 18 Feb 2018, 18:16

Sahos Desk

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Sunday told Parliament that the Police Headquarters has taken a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against wicked persons in the police force.

As the main law enforcement agency of the country, Bangladesh Police has been performing its duty relentlessly with the attitude of punishing wicked persons and promoting good ones, he said replying to a tabled starred question from Awami League MP Refat Amin (Women Seat-12).

The MP wanted to know whether the government has any plan to prepare lists of honest and dishonest police officers in every police station across the country.

The minister said, “In this regard, the Police Headquarters has taken a zero tolerance policy. Whenever any offence -- personal of moral degradation -- is found against a member of the force, the Police Headquarters immediately takes proper departmental and legal actions against him or her.”

In reply to another starred question from treasury bench MP AKM Zahangir Hossain, the minister said a total of 15,919 prisoners convicted in different jail terms are in the country’s jails as of February 1 last.

Of the convicted prisoners, 15,374 are men and 545 women, he said.

Responding to a starred question from the ruling party MP Sheikh Md Nurul Haque (Khulna-6), Asaduzzaman said 332 fire service stations are now in operation under the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence.

A total of 126 fire service stations were set up during the regime of the current government and the construction cost was Tk 146.63 crore.

Source: unb

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