EVM to be used in election if legalised: CEC

Published : 22 Sep 2018, 17:34

Sahos Desk

Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs will be used in the election if it is legally approved but should not be forced, says Chief Election Commissioner K M Nurul Huda.

He made the remark during an EVM training session for polling officials at the Electoral Training Institute on Saturday.

“We are prepared to use the EVMs when it gets a legal nod and is devoid of any flaws,” said the CEC.

“We’ll use the EVMs to the extent that we are confident of its use and will never force its use on anyone.”

With the eleventh national parliamentary election looming, the ECNEC has approved a Tk 40 billion project to buy and maintain EVMs. 

The Election Commission has forwarded the proposal to amend the Representation of the People Order to use EVMs for the December election and has also sought approval for the project from the government.

The ruling party Awami League supports the use of the EVMs but most of the other political parties are against the use of it fpr the upcoming parliamentary election with the BNP claiming the project amounts to the looting of Tk 40 billion.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently said the rollout of EVMs will be slow.

“It is obvious that people will have queries regarding EVMs. They would like to know where and how they should cast their votes,” he said.

“We have to run a campaign to disseminate information on the EVMs—what they are and their advantages soon.”

“Using EVMs is a dream for the EC; you’re aware of the drawbacks of manual voting. We have to publish around 30 types of forms and envelopes. The EVMs can produce voting result within 15 minutes. There is no possibility of vote rigging and no need to guard the ballot box,” said the CEC, adding that voters will feel confident in using the EVM only when they know more about it, including the technical details.

Electoral Training Institute Secretary General Mostafa Farook, EC Additional Secretary Mokhlesur Rahman and Director of Training Belayet Hossain also spoke at the event.

Source: bdnews24

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