Gang culture turns kids into killers

Published : 11 Jan 2017, 10:57

Sahos Desk

Reckless motorbike racing, partying, harassing girls on the street, are regular activities of Disco Boys and Nine Stars gangs in capital’s Uttara.

Both of these gangs consisting mostly of teenage boys of Uttara were involved in deviant behaviours. 

But rivalry between these two gangs reared its ugly head when it costs the life of a teenage boy of the neighbourhood.

Adnan Kabir, a ninth grader of Trust School and College, was killed allegedly by teenage gang members of Uttara.  

"Bro, we will find out your killers and slaughter them," reads a Facebook post of a teenage boy just a few hours after Adnan was murdered.

Adnan's mother Kawsara Begum shared the graphic and gory details of her son's murder with this correspondent and this gives a glimpse of how violent these 'gangsters' have become.
"They whacked him on the head with hockey sticks. Then they slit his vein, hacked him, drilled hole with screw on his stomach, torn out his flesh. I don't know how many times my boy called out for me," said Kawsara. 

Adnan's father Kabir Hossain denied his son's involvement in any of the gangs.

However, the police said they have collected few pictures of Adnan partying with Disco Boys.

But he probably switched his gang and joined Nine Stars, said police.

Students of three schools in Uttara said this gang culture came into picture two years ago.

Initially it was just Disco Boys Uttara.

Later, few members of this gang formed another gang named Nine Star due to internal clashes. 

One student showed suture marks on his hand.

This student said he stumbled on another boy's leg while playing cricket. That boy got furious and slit his hand with a steel scale.

Uttara sector 13 welfare association president Mohammad Zahid Hossain told Prothom Alo that he saw a group's showdown with hockey sticks the day Adnan was killed.

Later, he learned it was another group which killed Adnan.

Five cases, including a murder case, have been lodged against the members of Disco Boys and Nine Stars with Paschim Uttara police station in past eight months.

Paschim Uttara police officer-in-charge Shah Alam said they caught the accused after a clash broke out between these gangs eight months ago but the court granted them bail.

The police so far have arrested two out of nine accused in Adnan murder case.

Dhaka University law department teacher Sheikh Hafizur Rahman said group-based culture of young boys in their areas is not a new thing.

"But nowadays these groups are becoming violent. Guardians and seniors of the areas have to take responsibilities. Adolescent boys should be introduced to creative and intellectual activities," he recommended.  

Source: Prothom Alo

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