Bubly step aside from ‘Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniyo Sarkar’

Published : 05 Jul 2018, 17:39

Sahos Desk

A premier event of the film ‘Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniyo Sarkar’ was held on June 26 through a very spectacular event at the Westin Hotel in the capital. It was known that Shabnom Bubly to act against Shakib Khan.

Suddenly, a news was heard that Bubly will not play in ‘Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniyo Sarkar’.

In the context, Shabnom Bubly said I have several works in my hand. I cannot make myself prepare for the film to work continuously. So, I said ‘No’ to ‘Ekti Prem Darkar Manoniyo Sarkar’.    

Bubly has already informed this of stepping aside to the production company Shapla Media.

The film will be directed by Shahin Suman. The shooting will start soon. But it is not yet known who will play in the film instead of Bubly’s place.

Bubly made her debut in the film industry in 2016 Eid al-Adha in the film ‘Bossgiri’ and ‘Shooter’ by playing opposite of Shakib Khan. Then in next Eid al-Adha, her two films ‘Ohongkar’ and ‘Rongbaz’. Her other films ‘Chittagainga Powa Noakhailla Maiya’ and ‘Super Hero’ with Shakib is shown in the cinema theatres in this year’s Eid.

Meanwhile, Shakib Khan and Bubly started to work in another film ‘Captain Khan’ directed by Wazed Ali Suman. In addition, Himal Ashraf’s ‘Priyatma’ and Shamim Ahmed Rony’s new films are in Bubly’s hand.

Source: dailybangladesh

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