9 ways to avoid lightning strikes

Published : 04 May 2018, 12:43

Sahos Desk

Amid concern over rising incidents of lightning strikes, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department in its Facebook page recently suggested nine tips to keep people safe from thunderbolts.

The nine tips are:

1. Take shelter under nearby concrete house. If there is frequent lightnings; do not stay in any open or on a high place.

2. Stay away from trees and electric poles as there is high possibility of lightning strikes on high trees or electric poles. The passenger sheds are also unsafe.

3. Do not stay close to windows at home when there is lightning. Keep the windows closed and stay within the house.

4. Avoid metallic objects. Do not touch metal, stair railing, metal pipes etc during lightning. Do not even touch landline telephones because many people get injured by touching these.

5. Avoid touching all connected electric appliances, including TV and fridge. Do not touch TVs, refrigerators, etc. If lightning starts, disconnect all plugs from electric lines.

6. If you are in a car during lightning, try to return home as fast as possible. If there is heavy thunderstorms and rain, then take the car under any shed. Touching the windowpanes can be dangerous at that time.

7. Waterlogging is very common in the rainy season and the logged water can be electrified by the snapped electric line. So, it is better to stay home during lightning.

8. Walking barefoot or using wet leather shoes during lightning is very dangerous. Rubber gumboot will be the safest thing.

9. Remain alert on the road during lightning. Avoid the spots where the tendency of lightning is high. If someone gets injured, try to take him to hospital quickly.

Source: unb

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