1,34,625 hectares of land brought under T-Aman cultivation

Published : 20 Oct 2019, 18:37

Sahos Desk

 A total of 1,34,625 hectares of land have been brought under T-Aman cultivation during the current season in the district exceeding the target set by Department of Agricultural Extension(DAE).

Deputy Director of DAE office in Netrakona Habibur Rahman said, “We have fixed a target of T-Aman cultivation on 1,25,149 hectares of land… but the target of Aman cultivation has been exceeded as growers have brought 9,476 hectares of land under paddy cultivation.”

He said farmers have cultivated T-Aman paddy due to favorable weather condition and distribution of adequate amount of agri-inputs among them.

The state-run banks including Bangladesh Krishi bank and Sonali bank disbursed crop loan among the Aman cultivators so that farmers can cultivate the staple crop smoothly.

The DAE sources said 3,50,000 metric tons of Aman rice production have been targeted during the season in the district.

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