'SSC, equivalent exams to be held with uniform question papers'

Published : 25 Jan 2018, 14:17

Sahos Desk

SSC and equivalent exams will be held with uniform question papers across the country this year, Education Minister said today.

The minister disclosed this at a press briefing at the education ministry.

The decision came in the backdrop of complaints regarding varying quality of question papers and evaluation process under different boards, Education Secretary Sohorab Hossain told reporters at the briefing.

The government has taken the decision to maintain the same quality of question papers and the evaluation system in all boards.

SSC and equivalent examinations were used to be held with same question paper throughout the country for few years till 2014, board sources said.

On the other hand, the education ministry has decided to shut down all coaching centres from tomorrow, a week ahead of the SSC examinations scheduled for February 1, the education minister said.

However, the government on January 8 asked the authorities of all types of coaching centres to keep those closed from three days before the beginning of upcoming SSC and its equivalent examinations until the end of the tests.

On the issue of question paper leaks, the minister said to avert these untoward occurrences the ministry will push for the maximum implementation of law.

"We are desperate to stop any such activities," he added. 

Source: thedailystar

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