Bangladesh achieves 1st Gold in International Math Olympiad

Published : 13 Jul 2018, 12:09

Sahos Desk

Bangladesh has achieved a gold medal in International Math Olympiad for the first time ever.

Ahmed Zawad Chowdhury, a student from Chittagong Cantonment English School and College attained this glory for Bangladesh in 59th International Math Olympiad at Romania.

Zawad scored 32 marks out of 42 solving all of the given 6 arithmetic problems partially or fully.

Meanwhile Thanic Nur Sharmin, Joydip Saha and Tamzid Morshed Rubab won Bronze for Bangladesh in the Math Olympiad.

This year Bangladesh is positioned at 42nd among the 107 participating countries.

The 59th ceremony of International Math Olympiad started at 3rd July and winners were announced on 12th July.

Bangladesh appeared 13 times at the International Math Olympiad winning 6 silver, 19 bronze and got honourable mentions 25 times. 

Source: unb

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