Bangladeshi-origin woman Durdana to run for Canadian state parliament

Published : 19 Jul 2019, 15:31

Sahos Desk

Dr Durdana Islam has become the first female of Bangladeshi origin to contest for a legislative assembly seat in Canada.

Durdana, daughter of Ustad Azizul Islam and Dr Anjumanara Begum, received the nomination from the opposition party of the Manitoba state New Democratic Party for the upcoming election, due on August 10.

There are 20,000 people in the constituency which is considered as important seat as it fell under the capital of the state.

Earlier on June 2018, Doly Begum, a Canadian citizen of Bangladeshi origin clinched victory in the provincial election of Ontario, Canada from National Democratic Party (NDP).

Born in Chittagong in 1978, Durdana Islam passed SSC in 1994 from Cumilla board securing 1st position in merit list.

After passing HSC 1996, she obtained bachelor degree from North South University in Compute Science.

Later, she migrated to Australia and achieved her Master’s Degree from National University of Australia.

Afterward, she went to Canada and obtained her PHD from University of Manitoba.

Durdana is now serving as teacher in University of Winnipeg.

Speaking about her future plan, Durdana said there has a big market of Bangladeshi garment items in Canada. If she is elected, she will try to spread the market of Bangladeshi garment items there.

Source: dailysun

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