BSF enters Bangladesh, fires at BGB

Claims one killed, BGB says self-defence

Published : 18 Oct 2019, 10:52

Sahos Desk

Indian Border Security Force on Thursday entered into Bangladesh territory and opened fire on its Bangladesh counterpart Border Guard Bangladesh personnel as BGB and Fisheries Department detained one Indian national while fishing in River Padma inside Bangladesh territory.

BGB 1 Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ferdous Ziauddin Mahmud said that a Bangladeshi operational team consisting of officials of the department of fisheries and the BGB were conducting a drive at about 10:45am against local  fishermen catching hilsa on the River Padma as there had been a ban of catching hilsa in the Padma River until October 31.

During the drive, they found that three fishermen were catching fish on a boat at the confluence of the Padma and the Boral rivers in Bangladeshi water and tried to capture the fishermen but two of them managed to escape while another was captured.

Being informed, four BGB personnel from Kagmari Camp illegally entered into the Bangladesh territory, reached about 600 yards and asked BGB personnel to release the fisherman.

As BGB personnel told them to return the captured fisherman in a flag meeting, the BSF members attempted to snatch him and beat him up, he said.

Following BGB’s protest, BSF personnel left the spot opening 8-9 rounds of fire targeting BGB personnel, forcing BGB to retaliate in self-defence, he said.

He said that the BSF members left the Bangladesh territory but continued their firing.

He said that following the incident, BGB and BSF held a flag meeting in Bangladesh territory between 4:45pm to 5:50pm where BSF commandant claimed that one of the BSF members was killed and another injured.

The battalion commander said that both the sides agreed to investigate into the incident separately and hold another flag meeting soon to discuss the incident, he said.


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