Doctor couple burned as fire originates from hand sanitizer

Published : 22 Jul 2020, 17:52

Sahos Desk

A doctor couple sustained burn injury as a fire originated from sanitizer engulfed them on Tuesday night.

The victims are identified as Dr Rajib Bhattacharya, 36 and his wife Dr Onushua Bhattacharya, 32.

Chief Coordinator Professor Dr Samanta Lal Sen of Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute confirmed the matter to media on Wednesday noon.

Around 87 percent of Rajib’s body and 20 percent of his wife’s body have been burnt, Professor Samanta added.

Rajib has been taken to life support as his condition is critical, he added.

The fire might have been originated from hand sanitizer as it comes into contact of a fag end of a cigarette or mosquito coil while pouring it at an small bottle, sources said.

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