54 more deaths suffered for Coronavirus in Bangladesh

Published : 26 Jul 2020, 15:23

Sahos Desk

As per today (26 July), 223,455 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 were reported in Bangladesh with 2275 new patients being positively screened over the last 24 hours.

This announcement was broadcast on Sunday by health authorities along with the news of 54 more deaths suffered for this virus, taking the total death to 2928.

Professor Dr Nasima Sultana, Additional Director General of Health Directorate, said while presenting the regular online briefing on Sunday.

In the last 24 hours, 10,078 samples were examined and out of them 2275 got positive results for the virus. 

Besides, 1792 more have made recovery from the disease, raising the total number to 123,882, she said. 

The deadly virus spread to 213 countries and territories, killing some 648,655 people globally, according to Worldometer, a website which compiles number of new coronavirus cases and deaths from it.

As many as 16,217,628 people worldwide caught the virus. Among them, 78,70,255 people recovered from the virus, the website said.

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