Plea seeks stay on HC order compensating Jahalam

Published : 19 Oct 2020, 15:09

Sahos Desk

On Monday, Brac Bank Ltd filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking to stay the order of the High Court, requesting it to pay compensation to Jahalam, who in several corruption cases had been wrongfully imprisoned for three years instead of the actual accused.

Earlier on September 30, within 30 days of obtaining a copy of the order, the High Court ordered Brac Bank to pay Tk 15 lakh in compensation to jute mill worker Jahalam.

In 33 cases filed over the embezzlement of bank money, Jahalam, a jute mill worker from Tangail, languished in prison for years instead of the real culprit, Abu Salek.

Tk 18.5 crore was embezzled by Abu Salek along with certain cohorts. Through different banks, the money was withdrawn. Two BRAC Bank officers named Jahalam as Abu Salek.

Abu Salek, son of Abdul Quddus of Thakurgaon district, embezzled Tk 18 crore from Sonali Bank.

The National Commission for Human Rights (NHRC) was the first to initiate an inquiry into Jahalam's confinement and revealed his innocence.

Following a newspaper article, the HC became aware of the problem that innocent people are suffering because of others' faults.

Following the newspaper article, the High Court passed a suo moto order. Lawyer Amit Das Gupta took the news item to the court's attention.

On bail granted by the apex court on February 3, Jahalam was extended.

The HC stressed due caution in investigating any allegations, rebutting the ACC for accusing innocent Jahalam in the case.

As Jahalam was shown to have been convicted in 33 cases over bank money embezzlement, the High Court ordered the reinvestigation to speed up the process of acquitting him of the charges.

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