Admission into schools likely through lottery

Published : 24 Nov 2020, 18:39

Sahos Desk

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic in the country, admission to government and non-government schools for the upcoming academic year is likely to take place via lottery.

If the Covid-19 infection rate continues to increase, an amendment of a policy is underway for enrolling students from Class I through Class X, via lottery.

Directorate officials have backed the proposed decision, as health experts recommend that before the situation improves, meetings at large schools should be avoided.

Today (Tuesday), with the daily infection rate at almost 14 percent, Bangladesh recorded 32 deaths from the novel coronavirus.

There will be no guardians or students permitted to participate in the case. After forming an admission committee including managing committee members, teachers and other guardians, the lottery activities will be performed.

There are 19,421 high schools in the country, 638 of them government high schools. There are 42 public high schools in Dhaka and 321 non-government ones. There are 25 respectable private institutions as well.

Class I students were admitted to just the lottery last year. Class VI and IX students were enrolled on the basis of the results of their Primary School Certificate (PSC) and Junior School Certificate (JSC) exams. For other grades, written tests were held.

The government has agreed not to conduct this year's PSC, JSC and HSC examinations

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