Writ filed with High Court seeking reserved compartment for women in trains

Published : 15 Jan 2021, 14:04

Sahos Desk

A writ petition was filed with the High Court on Thursday seeking an exclusive compartment for female passengers in the trains.

Advocate Md Azmal Hossain moved the writ petition filed by Advocate Mamtaz Parvin on January 13. Passenger trains should preserve a separate compartment for women, Azmal said.

“According to Section 64 of the Railways Act 1890, at least a carriage has to be exclusively reserved for women in every passenger train and there is provision for penalty if anyone enters that room without permission,” the lawyer said.

On October 13, 2020, Azmal had sent a legal notice to the railway ministry seeking actions within 30 days over arranging a separate compartment for women in trains.

“The writ has been filed as no measures were taken in this connection,” Azmal said.

Source: UNB

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