Outbreak of pneumonia in Khagrachari; 6 children died in 20 days

Published : 21 Jan 2021, 17:09

Md. Didarul Alam (Rafi)

Cold-related diseases are on the rise in Khagrachari. Every day crowds are gathering in the children's ward of the hospital. Six children have died of pneumonia at Khagrachari Sadar Hospital in the last 20 days of this month.

According to the children's ward of Khagrachari Sadar Hospital, newborns and children are suffering from pneumonia due to winter. However, many children are being admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia. There are no empty beds in the children's ward of the hospital. Every day 10 to 12 new children are being admitted to the hospital. Besides, many people are taking services in the external department.

Memory Chakma, a nursing officer at Khagrachari Sadar Hospital, said the patient's stress had increased due to the cold. Many parents are not aware..They do not bring children to the hospital as soon as they get sick.  It is not possible to save many children due to delay. He said there is a manpower crisis in the children's ward. As a result, it is difficult to give treatment.

Khagrachari Sadar Hospital Children's Ward Pediatrician Rajendra Tripura said the incidence of the disease has increased in winter. At this time children should be given a balanced diet to protect them from the cold.  Even if the mother is not infected, the baby should be breastfed after wearing a face mask. He suggested taking extra care of the children.

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