Youths’ interest in AL’s career workshop picks up

Published : 28 Jan 2021, 18:53

Sahos Desk

The year 2021 rang in the ‘career workshop’ initiative of Bangladesh Awami League to help youths springboard their career by harnessing the infrastructural development undertaken by the government.

Youths’ interest in the project has been picking up since its inauguration on January 9 this year. Interested candidates can log in to till midnight on January 30 to apply for this workshop, said the organizers on Wednesday.

Reflecting on the program’s vision, Tonmoy Ahmed, coordinator of ruling Awami League’s research organization, Centre for Research & Information (CRI), one of the partner organizations of ‘Career Workshop’, said CRI always lays youth on the top of the priority ladder, which is why we pinned our efforts to this project. He said they are dedicated to advancing the Prime Minister’s plan to ­build strong manpower.

About the youth’s vibe about the program, he said, “­Youths have greatly welcomed the idea and we are getting an immense response. Six thousand youths have already registered for the workshop and there are more on the way. We will organize the first batch in February at the end of the selection process, which prioritizes underprivileged and marginal youths and madrasah students. Our overarching goal is bringing in all-inclusive developments by tying up with the main workforce.”

Gurukul Online Learning Network Pramukh and one of the organizers of this project, Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar, said, “We planned the training project discussing with experienced human resources experts. Resource persons from different industries and services have already tied up with our project."

They are enriching us through their guidance and insight. Besides, they are offering insight into the professions of respective sectors at the entry-level through the interviews at our ‘career catalog’. They are also directly involved in imparting training.

"We are inviting accomplished people of the country to this initiative irrespective of caste and creed. There is a simple hack for youths. That they plan for may not bring results but that they do unplanned is surely a mess. That is why every youth must have a well-defined career plan to become the best version of themselves. We have a few visuals in the career catalog and on training as public resources that anyone, not just direct participants, can access.”

Awami League’s Education and Human Resources Sub-Committee Secretary Shamsun Nahar Chapa said the young generation is leaving no stone unturned to deliver their best.

"But, they often find themselves in dilemma about how they should plan their future. The Education and Human Resources Sub-Committee of Awami League featured this initiative to relieve them of that dilemma and help them pick up what career path best works for them. We will endow youths with guidelines on how they will thrive in their professional landscape. Somebody will be a doctor, somebody an engineer, while somebody will be an entrepreneur on his initiative. Our job is to guide them on how they can choose the right path and reach professional milestones.”

Shedding light on its prospect, she said, “I believe this project has a long way to go. It will catalyze the process to create a skilled workforce who will make their living and transform the community around them. We give them a vision and they will work it out.”

Many youths feel lost about their career due to a lack of guidance. Consequently, their potential often remains untapped. To turn that tide around, Awami League came up with this initiative to endow the young generation with career guidelines.

‘'Career Workshop: Initiatives to develop youth efficiency and work-plan' was organized by the sub-committee on education and human resources of Awami League in association with CRI, said CRI.

According to organizers, the massive infrastructure built by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will help youths harness their potential to the highest level. But, the maximum harnessing of potential by youths requires proper guidelines. Despite achieving academic feats, the country's youths do not possess ample knowledge about the modern workplace.

By the time a generation fully understands their financial career, their prime is gone. Moreover, there is still much to be worked on in our youths’ participation in career-oriented education.

That’s the reason Awami League will equip them with prior knowledge of job and career and help them figure out which job or profession will best suit them and what prospect it is likely to create.

Source: UNB 


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