Experts say a new variety is to blame for the rise of Covid in Bangladesh.

Published : 24 Mar 2021, 10:58

Sahos Desk

Health experts are concerned that a highly transmissible variant of the lethal coronavirus could have emerged in Bangladesh as a result of mutations, following a sharp increase in coronavirus cases.

They believe that a thorough study and genome squeezing is needed to determine if the mutations have resulted in the new variant, which is related to the increase in Covid cases in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, a team of Bangladeshi researchers in collaboration with Monash University in Malaysia found that coronavirus mutated 4,604 times in Bangladesh from April to December last year.

Examining 371 genome sequences of the virus, they found 34 unique mutations in Bangladesh.

The researchers laid emphasis on conducting more research on the unique mutations as they think any of them can be deadlier and the cause of the recent spike in the virus cases.

Source: UNB

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