COVID-19: Eighty percent of the infections are Indian, and an unknown type has been identified

Published : 04 Jun 2021, 15:25

Sahos Desk

A government study has found that 80 percent of infections in the country are in the Indian variant. The study also found evidence of community transmission of the Delta variant, known as the Indian type.

Besides, an unknown variant has also been identified in the country.

The Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and the Institute for Developing Science and Health Initiatives (IDSHI) have sequenced the genomes of 50 samples of coronavirus. This information has been known from there.

The first Indian variant was identified in the country on May 8.

Of the 50 samples tested, 40 (80 percent) were of Indian type 8 (16 percent) beta variants or South African variants, one circulating and 1 unidentified (unknown) variant.

Of the patients infected with the Delta variant, 14 did not go abroad and no contact was reported with patients from abroad. For this reason, the study says that there is a community infection of the Delta variant in Bangladesh.

Of the 16 samples collected from Chapainawabganj, 15 were Delta variants and all seven samples from Gopalganj were Indian variants. Three of the samples collected from Khulna were Indian variants and two of the four samples collected from Dhaka were Delta variants. Besides, the delta variant was found in samples collected from Dinajpur, Gaibandha, Bagerhat, Jhenaidah, and Pirojpur.

The Indian variant was first identified in October last year. It is much more contagious than the previous strain of coronavirus. The World Health Organization has called this variant a 'concern variant'.

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