'BNP is conspiring abroad to tarnish country's image'

Published : 19 Sep 2021, 17:58

Sahos Desk

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP is creating disorder inside the country and hatching conspiracy abroad to tarnish the country's image.

He said this at a press conference on contemporary issues at his official residence here.

Quader, also road transport and bridges minister, strongly condemned BNP's demonstration and protest prior to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's arrival in New York to join the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

He said the premier didn't go abroad for the last 19 months due to coronavirus pandemic but she decided to join the UNGA considering the national interests.

There are scopes to hold bilateral talks with leaders of different countries on mutual interests on the sidelines of the UNGA and that is why the prime minister is going to join the UNGA in person instead of joining it virtually, he said.

Quader said the prime minister didn't want to lose the scopes of expressing opinions in favor of Bangladeshi people on different issues including coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, climate change and Rohingya crisis at the large forum of the UN in view of the importance of the assembly.

"Being astonished, we are noticing that BNP has started waging demonstrations in New York centering this crucial visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina before her arrival there," he said.

Mentioning that BNP lost people's confidence due to evil politics, the AL general secretary said BNP is now holding indoor series meetings to find ways to create unrest in the country to fish in troubled water.

He said none can break the records of political repression and cruelty that BNP created during their government's tenure. Quader said Sheikh Hasina's government doesn't believe in filing secret (gayebi) cases, but if anyone indulges in wrongdoing, he or she would be treated as wrongdoers.

Pointing to BNP, he said BNP's evil attempts to thwart the country's prevailing stability will never be successful. The AL general secretary said BNP again started hatching conspiracies under new strategies to make hindrance on the ways of strengthening democracy.

Before the people's rising, BNP's workers and supporters started raising voice against the party's opportunist and wicked leader due to BNP's reckless politics, he said.

Quader said BNP's deception to people became clear long ago and now the party's deception to its workers and supporter is going to be clear.

Source: BSS

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