Election to 15 Union Parishads in Jamalpur tomorrow

Published : 10 Nov 2021, 17:10

Sahos Desk

The election commission has completed all preparations to hold the polls to 15 Union Parishads in Jamalpur Sadar Upazila in a peaceful manner.

According to Election Office sources election will be held in Sharifpur, Titpalla, Kendua, Mesta, Laxmir Char, Tulshir Char, Shahbazpur, Ghoradhap, Narundi, Shreepur, Itail, Bashnchara, Ranagachha, Dikpait and Rashidpur Unions of the district.

The office sources said as the Chairman candidates in Itail, Bashchara, Ranagachha, Dikpait and Rashidpur unions were elected unopposed, polling will be held, among the candidates, for the member and women member posts in the five unions.

The office said a total of 40 candidates will contest for 10 chairman posts in the 10 Union Parishads. Of them 6 candidates are contesting for chairman post in Sharifpur Union Parishad while 3 candidates in Titpalla, 2 candidates in Kendua, 5 candidates in Mesta, 4 candidates in Laxmir Char,3 candidates in Tulshir Char, 3 candidates in Shahbazpur, 3 candidates in Ghoradhap, 4 candidates in Narundi and 7 candidates in Shreepur.

Besides 542 candidates for member posts and 184 candidates for woman reserved posts will contest in the 15 union Parishad polls.

A total of 4 lakh 755 voters will franchise their voting rights in 163 centers. Upazila election office sources said polling will begin at 8am and continue till 4 pm without any break.

Jamalpur Sadar Upazila Election Officer, Md Mahmudul Alam said voting in Bashchara union will be held through EVM method while ballot paper will be used to take vote in the remaining 14 unions.

He said during the voting, members of the Ansar, police, RAB and BGB will be deployed to maintain the law and order in the region.

Source: BSS

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