North Bengal farm starts exporting Rajshahi’s mangoes to European markets

Published : 20 Jul 2020, 16:23

Sahos Desk

The second shipment of the exporting mangoes was sent to Milan in Italy from Bangladesh on Sunday evening.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohammed Shariar Alam said in his Facebook post yesterday evening that a company named North Bengal Agro Farm Ltd has started exporting mangoes of Rajshahi to the European markets.

The first shipment was reached Switzerland on July 13 last successfully, he said, adding that the mangoes are now being sold in shops of the country. More mangoes will also be exported to the United Kingdom and Austria within this week, he expected. If there is no problem, it will continue until mid-August. It will also be exported to other countries, said Shahriar.

“The target of mango export was set at 100 tonnes this year but it is not possible due to various reasons. Using experience of this year, the target for 2021 will be set,” the minister added in his post.

“The government will set up a fruit quarantine and processing center next year and everyone will use it. I hope this will create a new chapter for the country,” he added.

“Apart from our Tissue Culture Project, North Bengal Agro Farm Ltd is certified by the ‘Bangladesh Seed Certification Agency’ and follows “Standard Post Harvest Processing Techniques and Guidelines of Seed Certification Agency” to produce quality Agro products,” said Shahriar.


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