20 Most Promising Education Start-Ups in Bangladesh

Published : 08 Jun 2021, 18:31


Gone are the days when education was something that was limited to the classrooms and books. Nowadays students have access to the internet and electronic devices that give them access to the world. Education doesn’t have to stay confined to the pages and classrooms. With the pandemic in effect, this stands truer than ever that education can be decimated through the online medium as well through the proper process. In recent years, Bangladesh has seen a surge in education startups that aims to make education more accessible and fun for the students. Let's have a look at some of the most promising ones.

Best Education Technology Companies in Bangladesh


Shikho is one of the newer ed-tech startups from Bangladesh. the company aims to provide curriculum and school-based learning on an online platform. Currently, the platform works with students from class 6 up to HSC.  The main aim of the platform is to make education more fun and easier for the students so that it doesn’t become boring for them. the company has received funding of over 275k and are looking to expand their horizon beyond the general curriculum.


Founded in 2018 by Mustafizur R Rahman, Fayaz Taher, and Samad Miraly, Upskill is a platform that works like Coursera. Except Upskill is all about peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. The platform provides a place for skilled person to share their specific skillset with the world. Anyone can sign up on the platform and undertake the courses. This is a great initiative away from the traditional learning scopes and incorporating online facilities. You can easily gain new skills or share your own on the platform. The platform as a whole is working to make its users more skilled and enabling means of primary as well as passive income. The company managed to secure funds of over 100k dollars.

Admission Ninja

One of the most competitive exams of Bangladesh is the admission exams. Every year, around half a million sits for the entrance exams to universities. Needless to say, as fiercely competitive as the exams are, it is also very hard. Admission Ninja tries to ease the preparation process for the examinations through its platform. The app-based platform works to provide students with study material, model tests, admission notices, and various other facilities, all for free. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Eshkul is a school management system based on a cloud platform. Though it doesn’t directly act as an educational platform for the students, it works to make the process of engaging students in an online platform easier. Eshkul has two separate parts – a student portal and a school ERP. Besides this the platform provides an e-learning service where schools or teachers can develop visual aids as part of the study material for their curriculum. The platform acts as a one-stop solution for all kinds of digital needs of schools and teachers alike. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Funded as part of the Grameenphone accelerator program, Repto is similar to Upskill where users can create and sell courses they expertise in. It’s a comprehensive marketplace for courses and you can find all sorts as per your need. For course providers, the platform can work as a great source for passive income as you get to earn every time someone signs up for the course. As a student, you get access to verified quality content at an affordable rate which makes learning and generating skills easier. After successful completion of a course, you will also get certified from Repto which you can add to your CV.


The website claims to be the number one education portal of Bangladesh and we can hardly argue that. This is probably the most comprehensive education-related website when it comes to secondary level and above. Whether it's SSC or competitive job exams, this site has got you covered for preparation. There are a lot of study material as well as model test opportunities that you can avail for free. You can also receive updates and news about job recruitments from the portal. Overall, this is a great site to hone your learnings and preparation for any type of exams from secondary and above.


Classtune is another full-fledged learning management system. The pandemic has reshaped how we look at education with most of the institutes having to resort to online classes. Having an LMS in place helps to reduce all sorts of the hassle that comes with shifting normal classrooms into online ones. With Classtune, teachers can create their learning system and course module for the students. There is also a process for tracking student performance and attendance. Classtune has the most comprehensive LMS in Bangladesh and the services offered by it are sure to make the entire digitization process of education much easier.


CodersTrust works to make freelancing easy for everyone. the reality of our job sector is that there aren’t enough opportunities even if you are qualified enough. In that respect, freelancing can be an alternate career if you acquire the necessary skills. With that view in mind, a prominent Bengali business person Mr. Aziz Ahmad founded CodersTrust in 2013. Currently, CodersTrust operates in 11 countries including Bangladesh. the headquarter of CodersTrust is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to freelancing and applied education, the platform also offers various business management services.


One of the common gripes facing the students of our country is access to quality education. A student residing in a rural area doesn’t have the access to the same quality of education compared to a student of a city area. The classroom app was developed to bridge this gap. The platform offers a comprehensive solution to curriculum-related problems from class 8 up to graduation. Students can easily access learning material and can develop their core concept of any subject. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms.

10 Minutes School

10 Minutes School is probably the most successful ed-tech startup in Bangladesh. Founded in 2014 by Ayman Sadiq, the platform offers a range of course modules and solutions of curriculum-based studies, often in the form of 10 minutes of learning. Over the years, 10 minutes school has also incorporated skill-based learning making it an effective platform for students of all ages. The course modules aren’t limited to the NCTB curriculum anymore, rather there are modules of higher studies and various skill certification exams. One of the visionaries of online learning in Bangladesh, 10 Minutes School has been a beacon in transforming and digitizing the education sector of Bangladesh.

Esho Shikhi

Founded in 2016, Esho Shikhi works to ensure quality education for the students of SSC, HSC, and admission levels. The app-based learning system has a good number of courses based on subjects for each level. The app works to track your educational progress and checks how well you're prepared for the exams. Some of the courses are free and some are paid. You can have access to the solution manual as well as model tests to better prepare you for the exams as well as admission tests. Overall, the platform is a great source for students to access better resource material online and prepare themselves.


Bangladesh is still a developing nation and for many families, their son or daughter is forced to take the helm of the family at an early age, compromising their studies. Not only that but girls are also married off at an early age destroying their prospects of a good education. This is where AlterYouth comes in. AlterYouth provides you with a platform to support these students in need through scholarship. You can directly finance a student's education through their platform as it is a P2P platform. The initiative directly helps the students of government primary schools to ensure that no student has to take up the burden of illiteracy.

Search English

We cannot possibly overemphasize the need for English in our day-to-day life. Beyond the scopes of everyday life, the literacy of English is a must to secure a good job and communicate with the world. But there isn’t a proper scope to develop the English proficiency in our curriculum. Search English sought to make the process of learning English easy and fun. The open platform provides you with a place to share your skills with others and learn from others as well. The entire platform works as a community and provides you with space to practice and manifest your proficiency in English.


BYLC is a youth leadership organization founded in 200 by Ejaj Ahmad and Shammi Quddus. The platform works to increase the leadership qualities of the youths of the country to better prepare themselves for the challenges of the 21st century. The BYLCx is an open learning platform of BYLC where various leadership skills are discussed in detail. The goal of BYLCx is to educate people of all ages on various life skills as well as work skills so that they can have a better impact on society as a whole.

Shonod Edutainment

Shonod Edutainment is another platform working to make education more effective and fun for the students. The traditional curriculum lacks the visual aid and imagination to make the children fall in love with learning. To that end, Shonod has created several courses from class 1 to class 12. These courses are aimed at making textbook learning more engaging and fun for the students. You can easily buy these courses for a small fee from their website. In addition to that, Shonod Edutainment is currently working with admission as well as professional learning as well.


e-Shikhon is one of the earliest online education startups in Bangladesh. the main aim of the platform was to generate skills for the people. The website hosts one of the largest range of courses when it comes to skill development. Learners and students can get access to these courses for a small fee. Initially, the scope of the platform was limited to generating soft skills for professionals, now they have ventured into the traditional curriculum as well providing admission as well as job exam support.


This is another platform geared towards the disadvantaged students of Bangladesh. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Ragib Hasan, a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the platform works with the motto that education should be free for all. The core idea of the platform is to develop disadvantaged students by providing them access to resource materials and study guidelines. The platform has been effectively working to eradicate the quality education gap that exists between the rural and the urban areas.

Lets Learn Coding

Let's learn coding is a platform that enables you to learn coding from the ease of your home. Coding is a necessary skill if you want to develop your career in the IT sector. However, many students fail to get access to resource materials as well as guidelines when it comes to coding. The platform enables you to learn everything tech from the ease of your home through their guided video courses. Some of the courses are free and others can be accessed by paying a minimal amount of money. Overall, you can easily hone your tech skills from this platform.


One of the prime issues that the parents face is finding a suitable home tutor for their children. In city areas, most of the time parents are on the lookout for a suitable home tutor. Seeing the demand for quality home tutors, Caretutor launched their platform to make a bridge between parents and home tutors. The platform verifies the educational qualification of the teachers and enlists them on their website. Currently, the platform is hosting teachers from 12 different streams. Parents can easily select a teacher from the platform as per their desire.

Shikhbe Shobai

This open-source platform works to develop the soft skills of young professionals who want to develop their careers in freelancing. There is an acute shortage of traditional jobs and most of the time, candidates are left jobless even after having the necessary qualification. The platform works to change that scenario by educating the masses on necessary freelancing skills so that they can earn a living for themselves. You can access their lesson plans from their website based on the stream you want to pursue your freelancing in.

Bottom Line

The main aim of the education startups in Bangladesh is to connect the disadvantaged to the mainstream of education, to provide them with skill generation opportunities, and to bridge the gap that exists between the rural and urban educational landscape. Needless to say, Bangladesh has a long way to go to achieve that but the startup initiatives can be considered as a step in the right direction.

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