DU admission test in divisional cities, MCQ 40, written 40

Published : 23 Nov 2020, 16:25

Sahos Desk

The Dhaka University (DU) authorities initiated improvements in the allocation of marks for the 2020-2021 academic session admission tests and agreed to conduct the exams in the divisional cities in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Test marks have been cut from 200 to 100 already. 20 out of 100 marks will be added from the SSC and HSC results, and the remaining 80 (40 marks in MCQ, 40 marks in writing) will be based on the admission exam, as stated by the DU admission committee.

The decisions were made at the admission committee meeting of the University of Dhaka on Monday morning. 

University sources said that the decision to conduct the admission test in the country's divisional cities was taken this year. On 100 marks, including MCQ, written and SSC, HSC review results, the test will be measured.

The sources added that the deans of the faculties concerned would address the time and subjective problems.

However, though there was talk of reducing the number of seats in the meeting, there was no discussion about it, sources said.

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