39 tourists clear off 555 Kgs of plastic wastes from Saint Martin’s

Published : 08 Oct 2019, 02:39

Sahos Desk

Saint Martin’s is the lone coral island of the country. The number of tourists visiting there are in rising trends day by day. The vicinity of the beautiful island is being polluted by the thrown out wastes of the tourists. In the given context, 94 sacks of plastic wastes weighing 555 Kgs have been cleared off by the tourists.

The tourists are the members of a Facebook group titled Travelers of Bangladesh (TOB).


Earlier in 2018, a total of 140 Kgs of plastic wastes were cleared off by 55 members of the TOB group.

The travelers set off their journey from Dhaka on October 3. They returned to Dhaka on October 6 after carrying out their voluntary cleanliness drive at the coral island.


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