Principal cleans school when sole daytime custodian has an emergency

Published : 13 Nov 2018, 13:46

Sahos Desk

A school isn’t just a community — it can also be like a second family. (Remember all those cringeworthy times you called your teacher “Mom”?) Every person is vital, from the principal to the teachers to the custodians. Without one, the school can’t function properly.

Recently, the only daytime custodian at Dallas Independent School District’s Frank Guzick Elementary School faced an emergency and had to leave work. Naturally, a member of her work family stepped up to handle the responsibilities.

Principal Adreana Davis told, “I just put those gloves on and got to work.”

Performing as a daytime custodian is not an easy task. There are often multiple lunch periods to be cleaned up after, the occasional classroom cleanup when a child becomes ill, and let’s not forget the bathrooms.

“In her absence, things needed to get done. And some restrooms needed to be cleaned,” Davis told the news outlet. Staff and students watched the principal push the custodian’s cart down the hall and handle the situation personally.

According to Davis, she spent her day cleaning so her teachers could focus entirely on the children. “As the leader of the building, that’s one of the expectations I have for myself and my staff — is to ensure that our kids have the best possible place to be educated,” she said.

“We do what we need to do,” Davis said. “It doesn’t matter what your title is.”

While the teachers were not surprised to see Davis pushing the custodial cart, custodial supervisor Tameka Johnson was impressed. Johnson explained to the news outlet, “She loves her school.” 

Source: KENS5

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