Relax, It's just a bend, not the End: Prioty

Published : 07 May 2018, 11:20

Maksuda Akhter Prioty

When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone. When I was sure of losing, I won. When I needed people the most, they left me. When I learnt to dry my tears, I found a shoulder to cry on. 

When I mastered the skill of hating, someone started loving me from the core of their heart. And, while waiting for light for hours when I fell asleep, the sun came out. That's life. 

No matter what you plan, you never know what life has planned for you. Success introduces you to the world. But failure introduces the world to you. Always be happy. Often when we lose hope, and think this is the end. 

But then God smiles from above and says, “Relax, It's just a bend, not the End".

Writer: Qualified Pilot, an International Beauty Queen, Actor, Model and also a Screenwriter, Former Ms Ireland Ms Earth International.

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