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Young politician Sheikh Sharhan Nasser Tonmoy

Published : 24 Dec 2018, 12:51

Shaikh Shahrukh Farhan

Young politician Sheikh Sharhan Nasser Tonmoy has come into light through vibrating digital medium towards contesting in parliamentary election and became attraction of social media butterflies.

Meanwhile, Tonmoy’s active presence on social media made the young generations inspired to enroll in political activities in recent time.

Several photos and speeches of Tonmoy became viral on Facebook where called upon the young generation to contribute for the country.

Awami League-led grand alliance nominated Sheikh Sharhan Nasser Tonmoy, son of Sheikh Helal Uddin for Bangerhat-2 constituency comprises Kachua and district headquarters.

As a third generation member of Sheikh Family, Tonmoy has already earned the loves from the people from all walks of lives.

Tonmoy is the grandson Sheikh Abu Nasher, younger brother of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and son of Sheikh Helal Uddin.

Political analysts expressed hope on the Tonmoy will uphold the flag on behalf of young generation of Bangladesh across the world that are mostly driven by the technology.

Regarding the focusing on young generation, Sheikh Sharhan Nasser Tonmoy said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has envisioned special programme for development of youths in the country. I will dedicate myself for country if the people give mandate me.

Sheikh Tonmoy completed higher education in United Kingdom prior to complete high schools in Bangladesh and India.

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