Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes

Publish | 03 Oct 2019, 20:08

Online Desk

For the past decade, "likes" have been the chief currency of Facebook. It's the way we've determined how many people think our babies are cute, believe our jokes are funny and recognize our new jobs are impressive.

Facebook (FB) itself has been so synonymous with likes that the thumbs up icon for the like button was placed on the sign outside the company's headquarters. 

 Now, Facebook is rethinking this feature as part of a broader effort to make the social network less stressful to use.

 On Thursday, the company said it will begin a test to hide the number of likes, reactions and video views from posts in Australia. The author of the post will still be able to see those metrics, but other users won't.

The test applies to posts from users and pages, as well as ads across Facebook. It will slowly roll out to the majority of Australian users.