Sony reveals PlayStation 5's design and exclusive games

Published : 16 Jun 2020, 17:19

Sahos Desk

Sony teased Thursday which games will be available to play on its upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5 console and finally revealed the device's new design. The livestream is available over at CNN Underscored.

Sony showed two versions of the PlayStation 5: a standard one, and a "Digital Edition" that does away with the console's disc drive. Without the disc drive, the PS5 looks symmetrical.

The sleek white console with a black trim is tall and appears to be thinner than the Xbox Series X. A media remote control, a camera and headphones will be available as accessories. Pricing remains a mystery.

Thursday's announcement included some games coming to the PS5 that already exist on PS4, the current generation gaming console, such as "Grand Theft Auto V."

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