Coriander seeds grown in Bangladesh to be used for space research

Published : 03 Oct 2020, 18:22

Sahos Desk

For the first time in the history of the world, coriander seeds grown in Bangladesh are going to space for research purposes.

The coriander seeds would first be brought to the United States via Japan in mid-October on a cargo plane, according to a media report.

The matter was disclosed by Mizanul Chowdhury, Chief of Connection Science for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT) in the USA.

"On Wednesday I heard about the matter. I was attending a NASA meeting with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency at the time. It's fantastic news for Bangladesh,' he said.

The researcher will begin the journey into space every day in November with coriander seeds, "he added."

Testing on the seeds will be done by the astronauts. In addition to Bangladesh, coriander seeds are being collected for space research from Indonesia, Japan , Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore , Thailand, Taiwan, Australia , New Zealand and the UAE.

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