Amazon's Ring video doorbells catch fire because wrong screw used

Published : 12 Nov 2020, 14:34

Dozens of Amazon's Ring smart doorbells, after being installed with the wrong screw, have caught fire or burned their owners.

The problem has prompted officials of US and Canadian product protection to issue a formal warning, and Amazon to include an updated manual of instructions.

The problem is that it can damage the battery pack if a longer, sharper screw is used at the base of the unit.

This causes it to overheat, which, according to the BBC, has contributed to property damage and injuries.

Nevertheless, despite the issuance of a "recall notice," consumers are not explicitly asked to give the devices back.

Alternatively, they are only being advised to obey the latest guidelines.

The security notice concerns the doorbell of the second generation Ring, which is still on sale.

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