Coronavirus: Masks made mandatory in parts of Paris as infections rise

Published : 09 Aug 2020, 13:28

Sahos Desk

Wearing a face mask will be compulsory in busy parts of Paris in France from Monday amid a rise in coronavirus infections in and around the French capital.
Police said the order would apply to people aged 11 and over in "certain very crowded zones".

The virus had been circulating more widely in the region since mid-July, they said. Face masks are already compulsory in enclosed public spaces, BBC reported.

Experts have warned that France could lose control of Covid-19 "at any time".
Several cities, such as Nice and Lille, have introduced their own additional orders making mask-wearing mandatory in certain outdoor areas.

Paris authorities have not yet detailed which areas will be affected by the new order, which will come into force at 08:00 (06:00 GMT) on Monday.

The zones where masks are mandatory will be evaluated on a regular basis, they said.

Source: BBC

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