Biden hits new battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest

Published : 28 Oct 2020, 15:09

Sahos Desk

During a campaign foray into historically Republican territory, Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden blasted United States President Donald Trump as a conman.

Biden said in Georgia that Trump's coronavirus treatment amounted to "capitulation."

Trump continued to blitz the swing states he won in 2016, warning in Michigan that if Biden won, his "economic survival" was on the line, the BBC reported.

Trump lags behind only one week to go, according to opinion polls.

But in crucial battleground states, such as Arizona, Florida and North Carolina, the race is tighter.

In a record-breaking surge powered largely by the coronavirus pandemic, more than 69 million people have already voted early by mail or in person.

What did Trump say?

On Tuesday, Trump held rallies in Nebraska and two states he snatched from Democrats in 2016: Michigan and Wisconsin.

In Lansing, Michigan's capital, he warned: "This election is a matter of economic survival for Michigan."

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