Global coronavirus cases hit 60 million

Published : 26 Nov 2020, 12:56

Sahos Desk

The confirmed cases of Covid-19 reached 60 million on Thursday, according to data gathered by John Hopkins University, in the midst of a rise in the number of coronavirus cases worldwide (JHU).

As of today, a total of 60,276,951 individuals were found infected with the virus, while 1,419, 567 individuals have died so far the data showed.

Since the first cases were identified in China in December last year the coronavirus has infected 191 countries and territories around the world.

Since the start of the pandemic, the United States has reported 12,769,915, followed by India and Brazil, while the country's death toll has climbed to 262,132.

According to a new government study Wednesday, the nation still needs about eight infections for every one counted. Many people particularly if they don't have symptoms, don't get tests, reports AP.

As of Tuesday, more than 88,000 people in the U.S., an all-time high, were in the hospital with COVID-19, bringing the health care system to the breaking point in many ways, and new cases of the virus were shattering records, soaring to an average of more than 174,000 per day.

Deaths have risen to over 1,600 a day a mark last seen in May, when the New York area crisis was easing.

After that of the United States, Brazil has the world's second-highest COVID-19 death rate, and the third-largest outbreak, following the United States and India.

Specialists warn of the start of a second wave as the number of deaths and infected cases has risen again over the past weeks.

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