Germany's SPD narrowly wins election with 25.7%: preliminary official results

Published : 27 Sep 2021, 11:54

Sahos Desk
The centre-left Social Democrats' Olaf Scholz ran an error-free campaign that cast him as a safe pair of hands | Photo: Odd Andersen/AFP

Germany's center-left Social Democrats won the general election with 25.7 percent, beating Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, who came in at 24.1 percent, official figures on the website of the country's election commission showed Monday.

The preliminary results are based on ballots counted in all constituencies. The result is the worst yet for Merkel's CDU-CSU bloc.

The Green party placed third at 14.8 percent, followed by the liberal FDP at 11.5 percent. The far-right Alternative for Germany garnered 10.3 percent.

Source: AFP

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