Oikyafront will visit EC to urge polls deferral

Published : 13 Nov 2018, 14:58

Sahos Desk

Opposition political alliance Jatiya Oikyafront will be visiting the Election Commission to urge it to delay the election schedule by a month.

A delegation, led by the alliance’s senior leader Dr Kamal Hossain, will go to the commission tomorrow around noon and place the request.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, secretary general of BNP, made the announcement after meeting Dr Kamal at the latter’s Motijheel office today.

He said, the newly alliance will hold a meeting with the editors of print media on November 16, followed by another meeting with officials of electronic media.

Fakhrul alleged that the election commission is not interested to hold a free, fair and credible election.


Yesterday, a fresh election schedule was announced by the Election Commission.

According to the latest updates, the election will now be held on December 30, what was previously on December 23. Accordingly, the last date of nomination filing has been extended to November 28.

Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda has said the deferral has been made in perspective of opposition parties seeking delay in the election.


Chief Election Commissioner has said that there is a congenial atmosphere in the country – echoing the words of the ruling party.

However, major opposition alliances like the Jatiya Oikyafront, which includes BNP, and the Bikalpa Dhara-led Juktafront have sought for delaying the schedule.

Until thus far, it seems that the coming parliamentary election will not be the “non-participatory election” that was its predecessor.

All the major political parties are gearing up to contest in the election and there has been no threats of a boycott or withdrawal unlike the last time.

Source: thedailystar

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