Eco-friendly Business: A new era in Bangladesh

Published : 17 Jun 2023, 15:32

Sahos Desk

Bangladesh is growing in business at a fast pace and getting more and more attraction in global market. Not only textiles & garments, but many other business industries are also on the rise here. But taking into account of the growth of businesses, not many are aware of making it eco-friendly here. Having business plans and strategies considering the environmental crisis that results from the unplanned manufacturing or industrialization, is still not a common practice in Bangladesh. Deforestation, cutting down hills, invading river or canals, polluting natural resources, mere usage of plastics and similar non-biodegradable products, unsustainable supply chains are the most widely known scenarios while talking about expanding business or making it profitable here. On the other hand, the whole world is becoming more aware of the fact of climate change, the sustainable green business practice is encountering more appreciation looking forward to minimizing the carbon footprint. In the need of time, this green economy is standing as an influential alternative model to the traditional economy.

But the question arises, as a least developed country, how business practices and concerns in Bangladesh would be able to become a part of that one of the fastest-growing industries around the world, and contribute to the same goal of a sustainable planet?

In consequence of that, with the hope of creating a new era of eco-friendly businesses in Bangladesh, a new company called Ecostructive Limited is emerging in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company was founded in December 2021, dedicated to working actively towards a sustainable future providing professional services and authentic products as well. The company's mission is to act responsibly to embrace sustainable business practices, with an aim to act responsibly to protect the environment while working for the economic and social benefits as well. The name 'Ecostructive' comes from the concept of Being Ecologically Constructive, and holds the slogan- "Dare for Better".

At present, Ecostructive is providing a variety of services such as- sustainable engineering, general contracting, sustainable travel and tourism, supply and service, interior design, business consultancy, printing services etc. while keeping conscious effort of minimizing the carbon footprint and impact on environment as well. Their eco-friendly brand Mira has already gained immense popularity with its eco-friendly and organic products. Right now the company is working on the travel and tourism sector to include widely accepted sustainable tourism practices here with a view to taking the tourism industry to a new level, all over the country.

The company is enriched with an expert knowledge bank as well as a skilled and dedicated team to work in challenging environments and accustomed to newer changes and demands of the business.

They are determined to maintain the reputation and network with the clients through a continuous value-added service.

About the endeavors of Ecostructive, the co-founder and chairman of the company Shuvra Rani Kar said, "We have just one planet, climate change here is real, and right now it's the most crucial matter of fact for all of us. And while talking about owning a business, we cannot ignore the power or capability we have, to act more consciously and responsibly in order to make it sustainable for social, economic and environmental concerns. Unsustainable business practices may run profitable for a short period of time but ultimately would face difficulties because of natural disasters or social turbulences. Sustainable development is the only key to go forward for a long run. It's not an easy way of course, it's pretty bumpy road. But as our slogan goes- "Dare for Better", so we dare to put our integrity and efforts to make the earth better. No matter how small the contribution would be".

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