SU students stage demo to justice for Rumpa

Published : 07 Dec 2019, 15:00

Sahos Desk

Stamford University (SU) students organized a protest on Saturday morning on their Siddheshwari campus premises in the capital calling for revenge for their fellow Rubaiyat Sharmin Rumpa's death.

In this regard, they also formed a human chain in front of the university's entrance gate at 10:00 am.

Protesting students requested Rumpa's autopsy report to be released as soon as possible.

They also chanted slogans calling for a proper investigation into Rumpa's murder and vowed to continue their demonstration on campus ground until a final autopsy report is released.

Rumpa, 21, a second-year student of the university's English department, was found dead on a street near her residence in the Siddheshwari section of the capital on Wednesday night. The investigators heard of the next day's unexplained case of murder.

Rumpa may have died because they heard a thudding noise before they found her lying on the street, police said, citing locals.

Law enforcers came to know on Thursday night that she is the daughter of a police inspector named Rokonuddin, currently working in a Habiganj police station.

Earlier, in connection with the incident, police filed a murder case.

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