10 cops terminated for failing in dope test

Published : 22 Nov 2020, 20:03

Sahos Desk

So far a total of 68 policemen have refused to administer drug tests. Among them, 10 have been terminated already. Actions against the remaining cops who came out positive in the tests will also be taken.

The information on Sunday was revealed in a press note issued by DMP.

There are seven sub-inspectors, five assistant sub-inspectors, five Nayeks, 50 constables and one traffic sergeant among the dope-positive policemen.

The charges brought against them include drug trafficking, drug use, drug involvement, and bribe taking to demonstrate lower amounts of recovered drugs.

Md Shafiqul Islam, DMP Commissioner, has consistently expressed a strong stand against police officers who take drugs or are involved in drug-related issues.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is testing accused cops to keep the police free from drug abuse.

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