Universities will be open after vaccination

Published : 01 Jun 2021, 17:42

Sahos Desk

Only once the university's students have been vaccinated against COVID-19 will the residential halls be opened. Following that, educational activities will resume in the presence of students in the university, as before.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education, the University Grants Commission (UGC), and vice-chancellors of public universities met to make the decision.

The conference, which was led by Education Minister Dipu Moni, approved direct and online exams for all public and private universities in the country, subject to certain criteria. Exams should, however, be taken and graded on the guidance of the university's academic council. At the same time, depending on the priorities of university students, a number of decisions have been made, including the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Education Minister presented his statement on the future steps to be taken to keep the educational activities of all public universities in the country active and open.

After a detailed discussion at the meeting, some practical decisions were taken in the interest of keeping the academic life of the university students active and safe.

These are, as per the instructions of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, all the students of the university will be brought under the covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible on a priority basis. The vaccination program will start with the students of the residential halls. The final instructions will be taken and evaluated on the subject matter, subject to the approval of the Academic Councils of the respective universities, subject to the two directives given by the UGC earlier to conduct the examinations in the presence of conditional conditions and online examinations in the light of specific policies.

The residential halls of the university will be reopened after the students of the university are vaccinated against COVID-19. After that, the educational activities will be started as before in the direct presence of the students in the university. Each university will prepare a Recovery Plan according to its own capabilities and realities to make up for the loss of students' education already caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic. A general guideline of this Recovery Plan will be prepared by the University Grants Commission and sent to the universities.


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