Top Bottled Drinking Water Brands, Companies in Bangladesh

Published : 21 Apr 2021, 17:32


We all know 'Another name for water is life and we cannot imagine the existence of plants and animals without this substance. But safe and pure water is needed to lead a healthy life. And most of the time, having safe water is a big issue in urban life. Hence, we largely depend on the bottled water or jar waters. Besides, we also rely on mineral water bottles when we travel or go to a restaurant. You may find bottled water from different brands in a local store. Bangladesh has close to 150 bottled water companies nationwide. Among all, what are the top bottled drinking water brands in Bangladesh? Let's get to know them!

Best bottled water brands in Bangladesh


MUM from Partex Beverage is the pioneer of bottled water in Bangladesh. The company produces and supplies bottled mineral water all over Bangladesh through its 350+ distributors. Since the launching of MUM, it has become a synonym for bottled water as there was no significant alternative during that time. MUM is produced from the choicest raw material to maintain the water quality by keeping all the relevant substances. Besides, the company uses state-of-art technology while producing the water.

Over the last few decades, there has not been any negative report about MUM. Hence, it is evident that they maintain the quality strictly. MUM comes in three different packages, 500ml, 1.5 liter, and 5 liters. However, 500ml and 1.5 liters are most popular as these are carriable. On the other hand, the largest one is used in households mainly.


Kinley is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, which is sold in many Asian and European countries. However, Kinley came in 2016 in the Bangladeshi market but grabbed the market in a short span of time. Besides the mineral water, the company also sells carbonated beverages in many varieties such as ginger ale, tonic, lemon, soda, fruit-flavored and more. Although it comes in different packages and sizes in other countries, 500ml is popular in Bangladesh. Over the last five years, Kinley has become one of the top competitors of MUM and other local brands. Though they are not leading the market, the water quality and taste attracted many mineral water consumers.


Fresh mineral water from Meghna Group of Industries is one of the top bottled water brands in Bangladesh. Besides, the water Meghna Group also has a product line on chemicals, cement, real estate, consumer products, securities, insurance, and more. The fresh water brand is highly popular for its taste and bottle size. Whether it's a small or large bottle, it is robust and can fit in your hand easily. The water is transparent, clear, and free from any sort of microorganism. It is produced through the seven-stage purification processes such as De-Iron, Pre-Ozone, De-Odor, Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Treatment, and Ozonation. It comes in 500ml, 1 liter, 2 liter, and 5-liter bottles. However, the company has launched another brand of water named "No.1 Drinking Water" in 2013.


Mukta is a water brand from the Bangladesh government. It has been the official water bottle for almost all the government organizations such as the prime minister's office, secretariat, all ministries, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, and various other autonomous institutions. Mukta started its operation in 2004. It ensured the quality since the inception in 2004. The best thing about Mukta is that 75 out of the 81 employees are disabled. This state-owned company has been supporting disabled people by employing them in the production process. However, it is a government-owned company. The plant is owned by the Maitri Shilpa and run by the Sharirik Pratibandhi Surakkha Trust (SPST). Mukta made it available for the general people in 2019 and started selling nationwide. However, the company is still developing its distribution channel. Therefore, it is not widely available all over Bangladesh.


Acme bottled water is a sister concern of the ACME group. They run the production through The ACME Agrovet and Beverages Ltd. The company started its liquid product line via a small range of products such as juice, and then they introduced the ACME mineral water. According to a report from 2019, Acme holds a 9% market share, which is relatively lower than the market leader MUM's 45%. It comes in 500ml and 2-liter bottles.


Aquafina is from PepsiCo, Transcom Beverages. PepsiCo launched its new product line in 2015. However, it is one of the top water brands in the USA and is currently sold all over the world. The company has been using PepsiCo's distribution channel to spread the product across the country. The Aquafina production process starts with the pre-filtration stage, and the water enters into the static mixer, and then particles are removed through the activated carbon purifier that helps to isolate the trace elements. Next, the water goes through the polishing process and catches the small particle, and then is removed. Aquafina offers half a liter and 1.5-liter bottles. 


The Spa is another famous Bangladeshi bottled water brand manufactured as well as marketed by "AKIJ FOOD AND BEVERAGE LIMITED" company owned by the reputed AKIJ GROUP of INDUSTRY. It is mainly sold in the local market. Akij Food and Beverage started its operation in 2000. However, Spa got the popularity of its bottle size and quality. Compared to other local brands, Spa water tastes slightly different. The Spa offers half-lite, one liter, and two liters bottles.


Although the brand name is PRAN, it is manufactured by Mymensingh Agro Limited. PRAN drinking water is claimed to be produced through 13 purification steps with Reverse Osmosis technology, which ensures water quality, maintaining the mineral levels. PRAN water bottles come in six different sizes, 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter, 2 liters, and 5 liters. None of the brands in Bangladesh has such variation in the bottles. Hence it grabs the attention of all types of consumers from official to home.

Bottom Line

These are the top bottled water brands in Bangladesh. However, occasionally, you may find other brands in the local stores, such as Evian, Jibon, Rong Dhonu, No. 1, Duncans, Delta, etc. But you will hardly find any store that doesn't have any of these eight brands.

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