Elections to 15 UP in Jamalpur tomorrow

Published : 27 Nov 2021, 15:43

Sahos Desk

The election commission has completed all preparations to hold the voting in 15 Union Parishad polls of Islampur and Melandah Upazila amid peaceful atmosphere tomorrow.

Election office sources said the polls will be held in 9 Unions of Melandaha Upazila and 6 unions of Islampur Upazila.

The Unions of Melandaha Upazila are Mahmudpur, Nangla, Ghosherpara, Jhaugara, Durmuth, Kulia, Shyampur, Char Bani Pakuria and Nayanagarin and the Unions of Islampur Upazila are Islampur Sadar, Palbandha, Gaibandha, Goalerchar, Char Putimari and Char Goalili.

Sources said Chairman candidates in Mahmudpur, Nangla, Ghosherpara and Jhaugara unions of Melandaha Upazila were elected unopposed. So polling will be held only in member and women member posts in the four unions, they said.

A total of 16 candidates are vying for chairmen posts in five unions in Melandah Upazila. Among them, three are in Durmuth, 2 in Kulia, 4 in Shyampur, 3 in Char Bani Pakuria and 4 in Nayanagar Unions.

Apart from this, 123 candidates for women reserved member posts and 332 candidates for member posts are contesting in 9 unions in Melandah Upazila.

A total of one lakh 93 thousand 698 voters will cast their votes in 520 booths of 94 centers in the 9 unions.

On the other hand, 29 candidates will contest in chairman posts in 6 Union Parishad polls in Islampur Upazila. Among them, 5 are in Islampur Sadar, 3 in Palbandha, 4 in Goalerchar, 6 in Gaibandha, 7 in Char Putimari and 4 in Char Goalili unions.

Besides, 166 candidates for member posts and 73 candidates for woman reserved posts will contest in 6 union Parishads polls in Islampur Upazila.

A total of one lakh 8 thousand 447 voters will franchise their voting rights in 285 booths of 55 centers in the election.

The voting will be held from 8 am to 4 pm without any break.

During voting, members of Ansar, police, RAB and BGB will be deployed to maintain the law and order.

Source: BSS

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