Artificial Intelligence apps to look out for in 2019

Published : 21 Mar 2019, 17:03

Sahos Desk

Technology has taken a new and imposing leaf, especially with the integration and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies have made the process more smooth and reduced the chances of error.

Most platforms have adopted to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Here are a few apps which will most likely develop in 2019 with their technology-led approach: NoBroker uses AI/ML solution to the broker problem in India. Its algorithm helps to identify and ban brokers from the portal. The website has also introduced various AI-based products such as Rent-o-meter, livability score and transit score.

Hubhopper: Hubhopper is an AI-enabled application that connects content creators of varying genres with different types of content consumers. Consumers can access filtered podcasts and publications in easy-to-read digestible pieces. Apart from AI and ML, it also uses the Internet of Things (IoT).

mPokket: mPokket is a prominent digital lending platform offering short-term personal loans to individuals in an easy manner. It eliminates the need for time-consuming paper process of obtaining loans from traditional sources. mPokket uses AI to process loans. Any college student in India is eligible to borrow money instantly using the mPokket mobile app.

Routematic: Routematic, with the help of the Internet of Things, has made corporate commutation a hassle-free and organized process. It is one of the first platforms to automate the process of commutation completely, from booking to billing.

10times: 10times lets you find and discover events to attend and network with other attendees from your industry. It covers business events, trade shows, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, seminars etc. You can also search for other professionals from your industry attending the event and schedule meetings with them.

Source: thestatesman

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