Realme is bringing 8 Pro-Illuminating Yellow to the market

Published : 21 May 2021, 16:26

Sahos Desk

Realme will release a new version of its 8 Pro series, dubbed "Illuminating Yellow," as well as noise-canceling Buds Air 2.

On May 24, the Realme 8 Pro, Buds Air 2, and Buds Air Neo 2 will be unveiled at an event titled "Enlighten the Youth."

The event will showcase the success stories of several promising young people who have used recent developments and innovations to achieve success in various fields.     

Participants can win exciting prizes by attending the event and visiting this link (

Pantone has called Illuminating Yellow the ‘Color of the Year 2021.' The back shell of this design has fluorescent technology mounted, giving it a luminous appearance even in the dark.

Furthermore, the Buds Air 2 and Buds Air Neo 2 will be the first headphones to feature an officially active noise cancellation mode, and at a reasonable price.

These two Realme AIoT can make music listening and everyday communication a more enjoyable experience for users, with great battery backup, super-low latency mode for gaming, and many other magnificent features. 

Source: UNB                                          

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