ICT judgement against former BNP lawmaker Momin on Nov 24

Published : 22 Nov 2021, 17:43

Sahos Desk

International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1 today set November 24 for pronouncing judgement in a crimes against humanity case against former BNP lawmaker of Bogra-3 constituency Abdul Momin Talukder Khoka.

ICT-1 Chairman Justice Md Shahinur Islam set the date today through a short order.

The tribunal on October 31 kept the judgement on CAV, curia advisory vault (a Latin legal term, meaning court awaits judgement) as both the prosecution and defence concluded their arguments in the case on that day.

The ICT-1 held the trial in absentia as the sole accused is yet to be arrested.

The former BNP lawmaker is accused of genocide, killing 19 people, looting and setting 19 houses on fire in 1971.

Source: BSS

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