Stop vandalism, return to class rooms: PM urges students

Published : 01 Dec 2021, 17:06

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the demonstrating students to go back to educational institutions relinquishing vandalism, saying vehicles vandalism is not the job of students as law enforcement agencies are chasing the offenders to expose them to punishment.

"Don't do this (Vehicles vandalism on streets). Please go back to your (students) educational institutions (class rooms) and put concentration on study," she said.

The prime minister said this while opening newly installed Mural of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and laying foundation stone of Joyeeta Tower at Osmani Memorial Auditorium, joining virtually from her Official residence Ganabhaban here.

She said, "Of course the offenders are being brought under punishment as they have been found out. We will do this and law enforcement agencies are very alert in this regard."

The premier said having been video footages available, it's not very tough job to find out the perpetrators involved in any crime as "all activities are now being conducted using technology".

Sheikh Hasina also expressed a note of warning against vandalism, saying that those, involved in vehicles vandalism and setting fire in future, would be found out and brought under punishment. "In addition, they will also have to face stringent punishment if any person dies due to this vandalism and fire on vehicles. It has to keep in mind," she added.

Noting that student's death is very much painful and unfortunate, she said educational institutions were remained closed for long due to Covid-19 pandemic but all of these have been opened and the government is providing Covid-19 vaccine to students.

"So, all of you have to put concentration on study," the premier said.

She said it has to keep in mind that Coronavirus didn't go away fully rather a new variant (Omicron) is approaching, adding, any time it could spread out which might force the authorities concerned to close the educational institutions again.

She continued that, "So, you (students) should go back to your classrooms. How much time will you get to put concentration on your study?"

With State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Fazilatun Nessa Indira, MP in the chair, Secretary of the Ministry Md. Sayedul Islam delivered the welcome address.

Bangladesh Shishu Academy Chairperson Lucky Enam and Joyeeta Foundation Managing Director Afroja khan also spoke.

The Mural was installed at the premise of Bangladesh Shishu Academy while Joyeeta Tower is being constructed in city's Dhanmondi area.

Later, two video documentaries on Bangabandhu and Joyeeta Foundation were screened at the ceremony.

The prime minister urged all to remain cautious and careful on the roads

and strictly follow the traffic rules to escape any accident.

"Specific places are fixed to cross roads. If people try to cross roads indiscriminately then accidents will happen. A moving vehicle cannot stop abruptly. It stops slowly. So, roads should be crossed using the specific zones," she said.

She came down heavily on those who always block roads, damage vehicles and set vehicles on fire after any accident instead of helping the victim get quick treatment.

The premier posed a question to the nation that, "There're passengers, children and students in those vehicles that are set on fire. If anyone is hurt, burnt and dies, who will take the responsibility?"

In this connection, she said naturally the attackers might have to take the responsibility.

She continued that the law enforcement agencies should take steps against them who are engaged in vandalism and torching vehicles. "So, I'll request everyone, please don't take law in your hands," she added.

The head of the government also asked the drivers to drive vehicles carefully as Bangladesh is a densely populated country. "So, when you will drive here, you have to receive proper training," she said.

She said the government has been giving utmost importance on driving in its vocational or technical training centers, even in upazila level, to develop skilled drivers.

Mentioning that the country needs more drivers in the coming days as people are gradually becoming self-reliant economically along with increasing their capacities to buy cars.

Pointing out that government's buses are plying the road by trained drivers, she said the private bus owners should also train up their drivers.

On the other hand, she noted that each person could not drive vehicle for long without break and that is why they are constructing rest houses on the highways.

Turning to student's death, the premier said she even was unable to understand the mystery of two deaths by two garbage-laden trucks of South and North Dhaka city corporations.

"What's the reason? It has to be dug out who's responsible for this . . .Another point that needs to be ascertained is that whether the persons who were driving the vehicles have the skill to drive," she said.

Referring to her travel to every nook and corner across the country by bus, boat and other vehicles, she said, "If I didn't' know Bangladesh it's not possible to develop the country rapidly."

She said Bangladesh has attained huge economic progress in last 12 years and people are now leading an improved life with availing mobile phone, social media, TV and many more. "This Bangladesh has much more different than that of 10-14 years ago."

She urged the students to prepare themselves to pull the country towards further development in future.

The prime minister also briefly highlighted the initiatives for the development of children and women by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman immediately after the independence as well as her government during 1996-2001 and since 2009.

Source: BSS

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