France fines Google 150 million euros

Published : 23 Dec 2019, 14:16

Sahos Desk

France's competition authority has fined U.S. tech giant Google 150 million euros (167 million U.S. dollars) for using unclear rules related to advertising, it announced Friday.

"Google has abused its dominant position in the search advertising market by adopting opaque and difficult to understand operating rules for its advertising platform Google Ads and by applying them in an unfair and random manner," the French regulator said in a statement.

"The French Competition Authority therefore imposes a penalty of 150 million euros, and demands Google to clarify the operating rules for Google Ads, as well as the procedure for suspending the accounts," it added.

In September, Google agreed to pay 965 million euros (1.068 billion dollars) to settle disputes with the French tax authorities that began four years ago.



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