AL-backed 8 out of 11 chairmen won in Manikganj UP election

Published : 12 Nov 2021, 16:26

Sahos Desk

Awami League (AL)-backed eight out of 11 Chairman candidates won in the Union Parishad (UP) election of Singair upazila of the district held on Thursday.

District Election Officer Sheikh Muhammad Habibur Rahman announced the result last night after counting the votes.

The AL-backed elected chairmen are Abdul Mazed khan in Baldhara UP, Shawkat Hossain Badal in Chandahar UP, Ripon Hossain in Charigram UP, SheikhZahidul Islam in Dhalla UP, Gazi Quamruzzaman in Jamsha UP, Shahadat Hossain in Joymontop UP, Ripon Hossain in Talebpur UP and Dewan Jinnah (unopposed) in Bayra UP.

Other elected chairmen are Abul Hossain in Jamirta UP and Abdul Halim in Shayesta UP, the opposition candidates, and the only independent candidate is Zahinur Rahman who won in Singair Sadar Union Parishad.

Source: BSS

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