Remarkable organizations for youths

Published : 03 May 2016, 15:39

We, Bangladeshis have always taken immense pride in our youth. The very creation of our country is largely credited to their valiant efforts and sacrifices. Their invaluable contribution during the liberation war set up a bright example for the youth of the whole world to follow.

Even after the formation of the country, the energy of the young people was evident to establish a sound socio economic infrastructure of a war torn country. And today, we see our young generation taking the country forward astoundingly.

As Bangladesh is disaster prone and vulnerable to climate change, the role of our young people in volunteer activities is really mentionable. “JAAGO” is one such volunteering organization which is run by an inspired team of young employees aiming to eliminate poverty from Bangladesh through catering to the educational needs of the under privileged people of the country. Korvi Rakshand, the founder of the organization says that JAAGO moves forward with an aim to establish at least one free of cost JAAGO literacy centre in each of the districts of Bangladesh. Starting with only 17 kids, the incipient tin shed room has turned into a well structured building with a playground.

It renders service to 550 students today. Another such youth driven organization is Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center which is the country's first leadership institute. It work to bridge gaps in society by uniting youth from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with leadership, problem solving, and team building skills, and engaging them in community-service. They intend to remove poverty as well through a team of home grown leaders and are successfully running different programs on that aspect. Last year BYLC has organized literacy programs across Dhaka city with a lot of young people volunteering for the program. Youth’s Voice is another example of the inflaming growth of youth power.

An organization which started with only the function of collection and distribution of clothes among the destitute has now reached a stage where its functions cannot be counted any longer. It advances towards a glorious tomorrow mainly by preaching education and awareness. Whether by distribution of proper meals or of medical treatment, it always bears the condition of the underprivileged in mind. Also it renders days of entertainment to children who are highly deprived of it by miscellaneous arrangements.

These remarkable contributions of the youth of our country give us a lot of hope regarding the prospects of a positively growing nation. It is obviously a good sign that the country is being benefitted so hugely by its youth today.

Hopefully, there will come a day when we won't have any more mouths to feed by voluntary service and that can be credited to the young generation of our nation. Long live Bangladesh, long live its indomitable youth.

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